Monday, July 20, 2009

No Takers?

Yesterday I posted a trivia question at the bottom of one of my posts. I offered a prize, then still to be determined, to the first person to correctly identify the source of the title of the post. It's from a movie quote, and I thought that there were enough movie geeks in my audience that someone would find it out.

Maybe I need to be more specific about the prize. Maybe no one's answered because no one wants the prize. You'd probably be a little more enthused if you knew what I was offering.

The winner gets to choose a topic for this blog. You answer my question, and I'll let you pick a topic. I haven't taken on a writing project from someone else since I left school, so this could be cool. I think I'll make this a running thing. If no one gets the original question, I'll post another later in the week, and we'll see what happens.