Monday, July 20, 2009

No Takers?

Yesterday I posted a trivia question at the bottom of one of my posts. I offered a prize, then still to be determined, to the first person to correctly identify the source of the title of the post. It's from a movie quote, and I thought that there were enough movie geeks in my audience that someone would find it out.

Maybe I need to be more specific about the prize. Maybe no one's answered because no one wants the prize. You'd probably be a little more enthused if you knew what I was offering.

The winner gets to choose a topic for this blog. You answer my question, and I'll let you pick a topic. I haven't taken on a writing project from someone else since I left school, so this could be cool. I think I'll make this a running thing. If no one gets the original question, I'll post another later in the week, and we'll see what happens.


  1. Sorry band of brothers, day of days was not a film but telly, ooops.

    Caroline x

  2. Caroline, I did not know that there was such a line in "Band of Brothers'. I know now, but that's not the line I was looking for. The one I'm looking for comes from a slightly cheesy, though big-budget, American scifi film. I'll tell you what: if no one else gets it, I'll give you the prize, since thus far you're the only one trying. I like to reward participation.