Monday, July 20, 2009


I had some trouble with my truck over the weekend. My battery was on its death-bed, and I needed a jump-start to get into work Friday night. One of my neighbors drafted another neighbor to help us out. Nate borrowed a "Jump Box" from a friend, and we were able to jump the truck each and every time we needed to go somewhere through Sunday morning. The last couple of runs, the truck almost died on the road, so we knew it was on its last legs. I talked to our father, and he said that he'd lend us the money to buy a new battery, which I would pay back later this week when I get paid. The only problem was, Dad wasn't going to be able to come up from NC until Tuesday, and we weren't sure the battery would hold out that long.

Our neighbor came to the rescue. He gave us the money, in cash, and told us to go get a battery. Now I owe him instead of Dad, but we won't have to wait for it.

That isn't all. Nate started back at work this past week, and I work nights, so I can't always watch my nephews like they should be watched. Our neighbors have agreed to watch the boys while Nate's working, so that A: they'll be taken care of, and B: I can rest.

This may not be news to anyone here, but it's been a long time since I lived anywhere where my neighbors behaved in a neighborly fashion.