Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quick Movie Blurb

While I was off, Nate and I took the boys to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. There are those who will question the wisdom of taking two boys aged five and six to see a movie rated PG-13, but they saw the first one and suffered no ill effects.

I enjoyed the first movie. It had plenty of effects, but it also had a decent story, and characters with hearts and souls. This time around, there are even more effects, but the story and characters suffer for it. It's long too, at two hours and twenty minutes.

The original Transformers were introduced in this country right around the time that my parents told me I was too old to play with toys, but I still managed to get into them enough to know who all the characters are. Watching the "Constructicons" combine into a giant robot in this one gave me a little thrill. Jetfire is rendered as the SR-71 Blackbird which currently resides in the Udvar-Hazy Center outside DC. I got to see it in person in 2006.

One of my favorite sequences from the first film is the "Bring the rain" bit in Qatar with the A-10s and the Spooky gunship. There is a similar scene near the end of this one, but it's gratuitous by comparison. Michael Bay likes his toys, and this movie has plenty of them.

We got to see a matinee, so the trip didn't cost much, but my advice for this movie is wait for video.

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