Saturday, July 18, 2009

Matthew Shepard Act Passes the Senate

As an amendment to a defense spending bill, no less.

It's been reported all over the webs, and especially in the trans blogosphere, so I'm sure you've read it already. I posted a message when the bill passed in the House of Representatives, so I felt obligated to say something when it was passed in the Senate as well. Now, on to the desk of the President.

I just read on Wikipedia that the bill may be struck down, because the main portion of the bill (the defense part) includes spending on F-22 jet fighters that the military doesn't want.

If it means getting hate crimes protection for gay and transgendered persons, I think we should take the extra F-22s. The military always buys extra airplanes, for attrition if nothing else. Maybe they should lift the tech embargo on the jets and sell them to Japan, or Israel, or anyone who has expressed an interest in them. I know a couple of museums who would LOVE to have a de-milled F-22. C'mon, Barack! I want my hate crimes protection.


  1. If they are stupid enough to play this trick ( they have even used this as a plot line in the Simpsons for **** sake ) then what is a few billion for our freedom?

  2. Barry tries to do the right thing.
    This one is long overdue.
    Matthew haunts me and just seeing his name, makes me shudder.
    What a beautiful boy.